Best Bank For Students In India 2022 – Zero Balance Account

Best Bank For Students: After completing 10th class everybody needs to have their separate bank account in a good government or private bank but after completing your 10th do you know which is the best bank for students in India? Some of the Best Bank for Students in India is Induslnf Student saving account, ICICI Campus account, HDFC Digisave youth account, etc. These banks are becoming some of the safe places where we can hold our money without any problem.

Day by day everything is going online like shopping, Online Classes, entertainment OTT platforms, etc. where you need to pay some fees online and having a bank account will make it possible and easy to pay your bills easily and securely.  

Best Bank for Students in India

 Best Bank for Students in India means a bank that provides you zero balance account with no minimum balance limit, better customer support, and Online help center, online paying features and a little good interest.×90 Let’s take a look at some of the Best banks for Students in India.  

Best Bank For Students
Best Bank For Students

SBI Zero Balance Savings Accounts

 ▪️ SBI, over the years, has established trust and authority among Indian citizens.  

▪️ SBI is also offering a zero balance account, which makes it students friendly.  

▪️ For opening an SBI Zero Balance Savings account, students need the basic KYC documents like an adhaar card, a photograph, etc. 

 ▪️ A free debit card is also issued to account holder.  

▪️ SBI allows four cash withdrawals from other banks’ ATMs for free every month.  

ICIC Bank Campus Account

 ▪️ ICICI Bank Campus Account is one of the best banks for students in India. It also provides additional services like free internet banking.  

▪️ The eligibility to apply for ICICI Bank Campus Account for a student is that they should be studying a pre-approved course and be 18-27 years old.  

▪️ In metro cities, the first three transactions from any ATM is free. For non-metro cities, the first five are free.  

▪️ However, this is not a zero balance saving account, and the minimum balance to be maintained is Rs.500.  

▪️ The failure to maintain the minimum sum will lead to a fine of Rs.100 every month.  

HDFC Zero Balance Account

 ▪️ HDFC Zero Balance Account might be one of the best banks for students in India as it provides zero balance savings account with a RuPay debit card.

▪️ Phone banking is IVR based and is hassle-free.

▪️ HDFC provides four free transactions from other banks’ ATMs.  

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HDFC DigiSave Youth Account

▪️ HDFC DigiSave account makes it to the list of best banks for students in India. The age which is required to open a bank account is under this scheme is 18-25 years.

▪️ The minimum deposit required to open up a savings account is Rs.5000 for metro cities and urban cities and is Rs.2500 for semi-urban and rural places.

▪️ The balance, as mentioned above, is also the minimum balance requirement for this savings account.

▪️ The failure to do so will result in a penalty of Rs.150 – Rs.300 for metro cities and up to Rs.150 for semi-urban and rural places.  

PNB Student Savings Account

▪️ PNB student saving account also provides a zero balance savings account, which means that there is no requirement to maintain a minimum balance in the account.

▪️ However, it is essential to note that once the account holder turns 18, the account will be converted into a general savings account.

▪️ Any student who is older than ten years is eligible to apply for a PNB student account.

▪️ For a minor, all the formalities are done through a legal guardian.

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