Top 10 Google Search Tricks

Are you feeling bored with your daily routine? Don’t worry here we have some cool google search tricks that will make your searching experience much more interesting and also these tricks are full of fun.    Google is used by everyone worldwide (except China😂) we can not even imagine our single day without using the internet. There are lots of google search tricks available that most of the people don’t know so in this post I’m going to list some of the coolest and amazing google search tips and tricks that will blow your mind.  

Google Search Tricks In 2021

Google Search Tricks

1. Google gravity

  This one is a very cool trick for windows or you can also use this trick by switching your browser into desktop mode. Go to your Google search page and type “google gravity” then hit “feeling lucky”(don’t click on search button) you will see gravity effect, all the google icons and widgets will be float like in space.  

2. Find your IP address 

  If you want to know about your IP address is then just simply type “what is my IP” and hit enter. (Working on both your mobile and computer browser)  

3. Do a barrel roll

  Just type “do a barrel roll” and hit enter the your page will roll for you which is very cool just try once. (Working on both your mobile and computer browser)  

4. Stop Watch

  Simply type stopwatch and you will see an online stopwatch and timer. (Working on both your mobile and computer browser)  

5. Flip a coin

  Search “flip a coin” and hit enter now you can toss a coin.  

6. Roll a dice

  Want to play ludo but you don’t have a dice? Don’t worry about that and just open your google and type “roll a dice” and you will a fully functional dice that you can use it play any kind of games.  

7. Find movie link

  If you are one of those who us trying to download movie and going through a lots of fake websites that contain lots of ads, the this cool google search tricks will help you, just open your google and type “index of “movie name” (ex:- index of game of thrones) click on the first link and download the desired movie.  

8. Google guitar

  Want to play guitar, search “google guitar” and you will see Google online guitar that you can play.    

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