How To Create A Website? – Free and Paid in 2022

How to create a website? :- Creating a basic level website is easy today but creating a website with way more features and a dynamic look is a little hard these days and also may cost you some money.

How to create a website?

 Creating a website is free on the internet but in case you want to create a website with lots of features and with your custom domain then in that case you have to pay some amount to several service providers each year.  

What is domain in website?

The domain is an address where your site is located on the internet and if anybody wants to visit your website then that have needed your unique domain name to enter your website like

Free Domain vs Paid Domain

How to create a website
How to create a website?

Free domain

Yes, you can also get a free domain from several service providers with their subdomain. Now you are thinking that what the hell is this subdomain right, well the subdomain is a free domain with their services provider name like ( ex:- ) here the Blogspot is a part of a subdomain from google for free.

Paid domain

In paid domain you can choose any kind of custom name without any subdomain like ( ex:- ) you can also choose .in, .online, .store, .me, .ai, .xyz and many more in place of .com   Paid domain will cost you around 10$ to 25$ ( 500 to 2000 rupees) for the first year, the price may differ with different domain name provider company.

How to create a website with a free domain and paid domain.   You can create your website with the free domain name with websites like blogger, Wix, and many others most trusted free domain provider is blogger which is also a company of Google.   You can buy a custom domain name from websites like GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost and many others. The most affordable domain name provider is Namecheap.  

How and where to publish your website?

Now your domain name is ready but getting a domain name is not enough for creating your website you also need a place where you can post your article or publish your page on the website and you can also get this online website storage for free and paid also.

For free website storage, you can choose blogger and for paid website storage you need to buy hosting from any hosting provider like GoDaddy or any other   If you are interested in creating your website for free or paid then you can contact us for more articles on this topic.   NOTE:- This blog post will update from time to time with the information that you want to create a website.

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