National Tourism Day In India 25 January | True Facts & History

National Tourism Day In India: India is a country of cultural diversity, ethnicity, practice, etc. And changes with every kilometer as one goes from North to South or East to West. India is the second largest populated country and 7th largest country in area. India has several Hidden Gems and tourist attractions that have made it popular tourist location.

But, do you know India has dedicated a day for tour and travel, 25th January is recognized as National Tourism day. This day encourages people to act on those plans and promotes how tourism and travel can contribute to the development of our nation. So Indian government has this National tourism day to spread awareness about the significance of tourism and it will be probably the greatest today to learn about how beautiful and wonderful India is as tourist and vacation destination.

National Tourism Day

Many of us fantasize and eagerly want to travel to exotic overseas locations despite of travelling to our Nation’s beautiful locations. We will write a separate article on different tourist locations of India. Every year India excite the interest of numerous International visitors from Israel, the United States, Australia, England and New Zealand etc.

National Tourism Day – History

It’s inexact when this day occurred for first. However, a tourist traffic group was constituted in 1948 to encourage tourism in India. The company’s initial regional offices were opened in Delhi and Mumbai.

In 1958, the ministry of tourism and communication created a department dedicated to tourism which was led by a Deputy-General with the rank of joint-secretary.

“Dekho Apna Desh” was the theme of National Tourism Day in 2021. The whole nation was placed under lockdown due to pandemic COVID-19. This had a significant effect on tourism. So, National Tourism Day was commemorated in a virtual manner. A series of seminars were hosted by the Ministry of Tourism on country’s varied culture from 21st January to 22nd February.

National Tourism Day Interesting Facts

National Tourism Day
National Tourism Day
  • Among the world’s fastest growing tourist sectors, India’s tourist industry is expanding rapidly. As per recent study, India stood 10th among 185 countries list for tour and travels.
  • Tourism impact on GDP:- Tourism is a key contributor to India’s economy and it’s contribution to GDP was 6.8% of total economy which was equal to ₹13,68,100 crore.
  • Tourism is subject to a significant number of employment in India. According to statistics, India’s tourism sector employs 40 million people, which is one of the largest employment sector.
  • Kumbh Mela:- The holy Kumbh Mela is among the traditions that are associated with Indian custom and culture. It is said to be the World’s biggest religious gathering, which is attended by approximately 75 million devotees.

We hope, you are better understanding the significance of tourism and travel. So we request you to spread the awareness about the same on this day.

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