Republic Day In India – History And Interesting Facts About January 26

Republic Day In India – All of us will be knowing, why do we celebrate Republic Day on 26th January. No worries if some of us don’t know, let us tell you. 26th January 1930 was earlier celebrated as India’s Independence day or Purna Swaraj Diwas. It was the day when India decided to fight for complete freedom.

History Behind Republic Day

After we achieve our freedom on 15th August 1947, our leaders wanted 26th January to be remembered in Indian history as well. The process of making our constitution to 2 years, 11 months and 17 days for 308 members constituent assembly to draft the historic and most important document for the country that is the world’s largest democracy right now.

So 26th January 1950 was celebrated as the first Republic day in India. Indian constitution has two handwritten copies, the one in Hindi and the other in English and both are preserved in helium-filled cases in the parliament of India.

Republic Day
Republic Day In India

Republic Day Facts

  • On 26th January 1950, with the constitution coming into effect, “Dr Rajendra Prasad” began his first tenure as the “President of Democratic India” and the constituent assembly became the first parliament through the transitional provision of the constitution.
  • Following the flag hoisting by the President of India, honoring ceremony, cultural performances and a remarkable showcase of Indian Military powers during beating retreat ceremony, a song is played. Have you ever wondered which song is it. “Abide with me” it is believed to be one of the favourite songs of “Mahatma Gandhi”. This song is a “Christian hymn” by “Scottish Anglican Henry Francis”.
  • India had it’s first Republic day parade at Rajpath in 1955 and the first guest of Rajpath parade was Malik Ghulam Mohammad, who was the first Governor General of Pakistan.
  • If Rajpath had its first parade in 1955 then the first four parade were held where? So they were at different places, that is, Delhi-Red-Fort, Ramlila Ground, Irwin Stadium and Kingsway. The first chief guest of very first Republic Day parade was “Indonesian president Sukarno.”
  • According to information obtained through an RTI, as total of ₹ 145 crores where spent during Parade on 26th January 2001 and ₹ 320 crores om 26th January 2014 parade which is a climb of 54.51%.

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