5 Things To Do In Lockdown – Productive Things To Utilize Lockdown

How can we make our lockdown more effective? do you want to know some Things To Do In Lockdown

We are being told to stay at home and practice social distancing in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. We have seen full lockdown last year (2021) and many of us had struggled to expend their whole day without learning any thing new.

So, here we are with some ideas to make your lockdown more productive. We have gathered those ways which will be similar to everyone and will help everyone simultaneously.

Things To Do In Lockdown
Things To Do In Lockdown

Things To Do In Lockdown

1.) Reading habit/Reading skill

Reading is the first step towards learning. Reading a newspaper, an article on internet or Nobel will increase your reading speed and will add more new words to your mind. Often people find reading as a boring task so you can read articles and novels of your interest. It will slowly boost your confidence to word reading.

2.) Do home work-outs:-

Generally we find ourselves very lazy as we always want a good muscular personality but we never work-out properly. This lockdown is giving an opportunity to groom yourself as you want. You can also perform light workout if you are not interested at all, this will keep your mind healthy and body moving. Swami Vivekananda ji told that weak and negative thoughts should be replaced with optimism with help of yoga and meditation.

3.) Get green-fingered:-

We all are lucky enough to plant some trees or plants in our home. Since childhood we have always learnt and taught to plant but never took them seriously. Gardening is a great skill to learn and this will make you love trees and plants more. You can plant fruit trees, decoration trees or wild trees depending on your interest.

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4.) Know your country’s geography and history

We value our freedom fighters and social reformers but when you come to know their works precisely, you will start admiring them even more. Let me tell you an uninteresting fact, when you talk to your relatives they always pull your legs by asking some silly questions from history, geography or general knowledge. We are trying to say that always be eager to know the things which add values to your knowledge.

5.) Take some time to entirely unproductive:-

You know its ok to have career tension, feel frightened and just want to curl up in bed with seeds over your head. Give some time to yourself by sitting alone without thinking good or bad part of life but only enjoying the nature. And spend a lot of time with your parents.

These are some tips to make your lockdown more productive if you have some other ideas then let us know in the comments section.

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