Tiles From Pollution | Indian Startup that Makes Carbon Tiles

Tiles From Pollution: – Hello happy readers!! We’ve talked about an Indian start-up who were making shoes out of wasted plastic and bottles “THAELY“, today we’ve an Indian start-up who are making tiles out of polluted air, yes you read that right, ‘Tiles from polluted air’.

We are searching for permanent solutions of pollution and wastage but it looks a like more real now.

Mumbai Startup making Tiles From Pollution

We’re talking about the start-up “Carbon craft design” a Mumbai based design and material company which was started in 2016. They are a group of Architects and Engineers who are developing carbon upcycling products(Tiles From Pollution) for the world’s construction demands to mitigate air pollution at scale.

Tiles From Pollution
Tiles From Pollution

“Tejas Sidnal” officially founded ‘Carbon craft design’ in January 2019. They are working in collaboration with ‘Air-ink’, a Boston based start-up. Their innovation is way much relevant because it is a small step towards introducing an alternative in the construction industry that accounts for almost 25-40% of world’s carbon emissions. Their each tile is equivalent in cleaning 30,000 liters of air. And only one-fifth of energy required to manufacture vitrified tiles.

Tejas says,”we use a hydraulic press that helps us in manufacturing these tiles which means, instead of burning the tiles to come up with the finished product. All heavy metals and harmful components are removed from the soot (air particles), following which traditional crafts people in Tamil Nadu and Gujrat handcraft the tiles that come in six monochromatic shades ranging from black, four shades of gray and white. He also added that they aim to ensure each tile contains atleast 70% waste material.

Tiles From Pollution Price

They sell the tiles to architects and retailers for ₹2,175 per square meter, that is a high price compared to regular ceramic tiles. But the company is scaling up production and Mr. Tejas hopes to lower prices and produce a cheaper range of carbon tiles. He added, ” we want to hit the affordable sector, sustainability is not only for the elite”.

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