What is Black Friday? – The Real History Explained -2021

What is Black Friday ?

What is Black Friday? : Black Friday is a discounted shopping weekend just after Thanksgiving day which happens between the last Thursday of November and pre-Christmas shopping days. On Black Friday buyers get attractive discounts at shopping stores all over America during this time. However, now these sales happen all over the world, including India.

The Black Friday Significance and History

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in America for many years now. Americans came to celebrate black Friday annually on the 4th Thursday of November every year. However, Black Friday came to be connected with Thanksgiving only during the mid of the 20th century.

What is Black Friday

During 1869 Black Friday become the reason to crash the US gold market, the effects of which the US economy was felt down for years.

The word Black Friday has been originated in the US only, specifically in Philadelphia, during the 1960s. The Policeman got a lot of complaints about the Friday following Thanksgiving Day when the streets were messy and clogged with traffic so they called it “Black Friday”.

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