15 Interesting Facts About Mercury Planet

15 Interesting Facts About Mercury Planet: Mercury is the closest planet from the Sun with over a total of 58,000,000 km (35,000,000 miles) of distance and size, we can consider that Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar system with over 3,030 miles (4,878 km) in diameter. We often can see Mercury with our naked eyes from planet earth at night sometimes. Hey, if you are interested in Mercury then let’s read this full article on 15 Interesting Facts About Mercury.

15 Interesting Facts About Mercury

FACT 1. It’s not known who discovered Mercury.

FACT 2. It orbits the sun in just only 88 days. That is faster than any of the other planets because it is the closest planet to the sun and it doesn’t take very long to go all the way around it. 

FACT 3. A day on Mercury lasts almost 59 Earth days.

FACT 4. A year on the Mercury lasts almost 88 Earth days.

FACT 5. Mercury only has one sunrise in every 180 Earth days.

FACT 6. The diameter of the Mercury is 3,031 miles

FACT 7. The Mercury has a solid surface covered with craters.

FACT 8. Mercury does not have a single moon or ring.

FACT 9. The temperature of the Mercury during the day is extremely hot. It can reach almost over 800 degrees F, but at night, the temperatures can get extremely cold. It may be – 300 F.

Facts About Mercury
Facts About Mercury

FACT 10. Our weight on Mercury would be 38% of our weight on the Earth. It means 100 lbs on the Earth would weigh about 38 lbs. On the Mercury.    

FACT 11. Mercury is the second densest planet after Earth.

FACT 12. Mercury has a thin atmosphere that is composed of oxygen, sodium, hydrogen, helium, and potassium.

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FACT 13. Only two spacecraft has ever visited the Mercury named Mariner 10 and MESSENGER.

FACT 14. Only half of the Mercury has ever been seen.

FACT 15. The Mercury is named after the messenger of the Roman gods.

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