Thaely Shoes | An Indian Startup From Plastic Waste | Founder Ashay Bhave 23 Year Old Boy

Thaely Shoes: An Indian Start-up by a 23-years old. We have been taught that we should not use plastics, polythene and related materials. We also tell others the same. But honestly, how many of us think at least once while shopping anything in plastic bags. Honest answer will be a few of us.

Let us tell you about an Indian startup which has seriously taken plastic bottles and Polythene. “Ashay Bhave” the founder of “THAELY Shoes”, a 23 years old guy who makes sneakers from plastic wastes.

Thaely Shoes – Startup for environment by 23 year old boy

He came up with his idea while he was pursuing Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) in 2017. The idea was a design project on which he has worked on during his college days. Some of us may be wondering about his college, then he was from Amity.

Thaely Shoes
Thaely Shoes

Thaely Shoes, that is completely made of waste plastic and rubber. His idea of Thaely sneakers was propelled by victory at the Eureka startup pitch competition in 2019 at Amity University Dubai. This helped him to get funding to work on a prototype.

Process of making Thaely Shoes

His sneakers design is inspired from basketball sneaker fashion of early 2000s. His start-up procures raw materials from waste management company. Plastic bags are turned into a fabric called “Thaelytax” with help of pressure and heat. Plastic bottles recycled as a fabric called “rPET” (polyethylene terephthalate) is used for lining, shoe laces, packaging and other parts.

Each Thaely sneakers help in recycling 10 plastic bags and 12 plastic bottles. They come in four variants.

Thaely may be a minnow in the billion-dollars sneaker industry which is dominated by giants like Nike and Puma. But, the company has big plans and aimed to sell around 25,000 sneakers this year by recycling over 2,00,000 plastic bags. While Thaely sneakers are “made in India” products, the company plans to focus on foreign markets also like Dubai, Europe, America and Australia due to the product great appeal.

This was a brief story about someone who took environment seriously and made a career while helping Nature and humanity. We are appealing you all to understand your worth, your one idea can change a lot of things. Just start with a small step.

Bonus Fact:-

The box in which Thaely Shoes sneakers are packed can be planted. It will grow in besan Plant.

Keep reading, Keep shining😊

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